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Cocktails & Conversations - Hosted by Maggie and A.J. Auld

Benefiting Nationwide Children's Hospital Center for Autism Spectrum Disorder. October 3, 2019 - hosted by the Toy Barn.

Combined Speeches (AJ and Maggie)

AJ's Speech

Maggie's Speech


Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Center for Autism

Director: Dr. Jacqueline Wynn

Institute for Genomic Medicine

Director: Dr. Richard Wilson

Our main contact with the Foundation

Ben Kozberg

Book that discusses the Microbiome

Brain Maker

Author: David Perlmutter

Study on the Microbiome & ASD

Dr. Dao-Wook Kang

Press Release

Medical Paper

Maddox also receives speech and OT therapy at Pediatric Therapy Partners.

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